Popular Talk Show Host Bill O’Reilly Ousted from Fox after Sexual Harassment Allegations


On Wednesday, April 19th, Fox News announced that they would be parting ways with Bill O’Reilly after an internal investigation turned up multiple allegations of sexual assault on the once popular talk show host. This will be the second scandal faced by 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News following the dismissal of founder and former Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes.

While some hail the dismissal as a step forward towards equality in the workplace, others are wondering what will come next for the big-time media company.

O’Reilly lost his multimillion dollar salary at Fox News after The New York Times broke the news of former sexual harassment settlements totaling as much as thirteen million dollars. The new generation of Murdock family, Lachlan and James Murdock, who had recently taken over the company proceeded to conduct what they referred to as a “thorough investigation” after which they promptly reached the decision to fire of O’Riley. 

This parallels the resignation Roger Ailes after a major sexual harassment scandal. The policy is a drastic change from just several years ago per Political Analyst Kirsten Powers, who had previously attempted to complain about O’Riley’s behavior and was told that nothing could be done. 

While some, like Wendy Walsh, a former guest on O’Riley’s show and one of his alleged victims called the decision a “seismic cultural shift” others are skeptical about the move’s efficacy. Niel McDonald of CBS News expressed the concern that O’Riley was only fired because the story came out to the public. According to the Times, O’Riley could receive a payout as high as 25 million dollars. 

Meanwhile, speculation abounds about the next steps for both O’Riley, and 21st Century Fox.