Trump Fires Comey Raising Questions of a Cover Up 

U.S. President Donald Trump unceremoniously sacked the head of the FBI, James Comey, on Tuesday. 

Comey, who had previously been responsible for reopening the case of the Clinton Email Scandal, had also been investigating potential tampering with the November election by Russia and President Trump’s ties to the Slavic country raising suspicion that the President and his Cabinet are attempting to sabotage a federal investigation.  

James Comey still had six years left in his ten-year term as the head of the FBI and while Comey, a former Republican, was not always well loved by Democrats, Trump’s decision to fire the FBI head is raising questions- and allegation. 

Comey learned about the announcement through a news broadcast during a visit to Los Angeles. Sources say that Trump’s decision came shortly after Comey requested more funding for his investigation into Russia’s potential involvement in the Presidential Election.  

Trump had since taken to Twitter to warn Comey of an unspecified “tapes” to which Coney responded that he is “not worried” about Trump’s threat. 

Democrats have accused Donald Trump of attempting to intervene with the law by firing Comey amidst a federal investigation. 

Meanwhile, in an interview with NBC Trump did admit that he thought about the investigation and followed up the statement with a number of contradictory comments calling the investigation a “made up story” one minute while also conceding that it should be investigated.  

However, the President claims that he fired Comey for his poor performance stating that the FBI “has been in turmoil” and pointing out that the former FBI head was not the current President’s choice. 

Questions remain as to whether Comey will testify against Trump and reveal aspects of the investigation to the press. Trump’s threats earlier this week have people questioning as to whether the current US President has something to hide. 

While Democrats are calling for continued the probe into Russia’s ties to the election, with Senator Richard Burr, the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee potentially taking over as the to head of the investigation.