UT Student Goes on Stabbing Spree as Lawmakers Aim To Legalize Knives

21 year old Kendrex J White, a Biology student of University of Texas, Austin student allegedly killed a student and injured three others with a Bowie knife, on May 1, just days before state legislators were set to vote on a bill that would make larger knives, and swords, legal weapons on campus and allow minors to purchase knives- something not permissible under current law. 

According to University Police Chief David Carter, he stated that White had previously been treated for mental health issues. White was reportedly involuntarily commuted and treated in another city before being released. 

In an interview, White claimed that he does not fully remember what the stabbing was about and that he had brought a knife to school that day as a means of self-defense. 

A Law introduced in 2016 allowed students to carry guns on the University campus, much against the opposition of some UT students and staff. 

Meanwhile, a rumor that White was stopped by an individual carrying a concealed firearm has not been substantiated.     

News of the stabbing has delayed the debate over SB1935, a bill that aims to legalize long blades in Texas. Rep John Frullo, one of the Bill’s authors has stated that what happened on the UT campus was “definitely unfortunate” and promised amendments to the Bill that would protect schools and college campuses. 

While the exact nature of the amendments has not been released, some, like representative Rep. Donna Howard said that she is “not inclined” to vote in favor even if changes are made.