Trump and Santos Differ on Trump Wall

In a joint press conference held Thursday, May 18, 2017 by Colombia’s President Manuel Santos and President Donald Trump, the two were looking to inspire good faith between the two countries. However, when asked about the Wall that Trump wants to build between the US and Mexico to “stop the drug trade” the two Presidents seemed to politely disagree. 

While some thought that President Trump’s pledge to build a Wall between the U.S. and Mexico was simply a campaign promise, Trump has lately stepped up the effort to begin construction and has even viewed designs for his creation.

Meanwhile, when asked about whether the Wall would work to stop drug trade, President Santos replied that “best way to stop drug trafficking is collaborating” and called for higher education and cited a current initiative in Colombia that is geared at replacing drug farms with “legal crops.” Meanwhile, Trump simply insisted that “walls work.” 

Meanwhile, President Trump has yet to obtain approval and funds for the Wall. Some citizens near the border have raised concerns at exactly where the wall would be placed- as schematics put the wall across community parks and private land. 

Trump failed to gain budget and approval from Congress at the last meeting but he seems determined to pursue the effort. While it is unclear as to how the Wall will be funded, it is likely that Americans will be footing the bill.