Trump Pledges To Help Venezuela


In a press conference with Colombian President, President Juan Manuel Santos, U.S. President Donald Trump has said that he will “do whatever it takes” to help the nation. While the Venezuelan government continues to deny foreign aid, the US announced that there will be new sanctions that would be imposed against the Venezuelan government. 

Venezuela has struggled for months with war, poverty, and civil unrest as protests continue against the country’s President Nicolas Maduro and his government. Trump has called the situation “a mess” on multiple occasions as the level of violence continues to escalate.

Protestors are calling for the release of jailed freedom fighters and elections while Maduro’s government denies wrongdoing and has accuses the US government of attempting to topple the current regime.  

Despite thousands of people who are in desperate need of both food and medicine, the Venezuelan government had banned humanitarian aid calling it an excuse for the “US to intervene.” According to an estimate by the Venezuelan Medical Federation, hospitals lack 98 percent of necessary supplies.

While The opponents of President Maduro call for international aid, some human aid groups from working behind the scenes to quietly provide help and chip away at the barrier. 

Meanwhile, Venezuela remains one of the largest suppliers of U.S. oil and the Venezuelan Oil company, which is heavily in debt has just announced that it has paid off its bonds and investors are confident that the company will not collapse.