Congressman Calls to Impeach Trump Reactions Vary

Democratic House Congressman Al Green has called for the Impeachment of President Donald Trump on Wednesday May 17th which sent White House officials researching legal proceedings and some trump supporters into racist rants, and even gave rise to online “Impeachment Pools” where people are betting on whether Trump will be impeached. 

Congressman Greene cited Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey as an “impeachable act” and formally called for Impeachment proceedings. Greene alleged that Trump has obstructed the law in firing Comey because the FBI director was investigating Trump’s ties to Russia at the time. Greene has said that it is “not too soon” to act when the law is broken. 

Since the announcement, Greene has received several threatening voicemails - including lynching threats. Greene released the tapes to the press saying that the threats are being taken seriously, but that he “will not be intimidated.” 

Other Democrats have shied away from impeachment talks citing lack of evidence and the possibility of a President Pence, as just some of the reasons for the hesitation. If Donald Trump is impeached, Mike Pence would become U.S. President- a scary though for many liberals given Pence’s conservative leanings. 

Meanwhile, the news has also spurred bets as to if, and when, Trump will be impeached. Pools like IMPEACH TRUMP 123117 have seen a rise in bets that vary on how long Trump will remain in office.