Is Trump Trying to Redeem Himself with Israel?

Having left the country on his first international visit amidst allegations of collusion with Russia, and even a call for impeachment, US President Donald Trump has made a push towards resolving the conflict in Israel. While Trump visited Israel on Monday with high hopes of brokering peace, the US was not quite able to escape the tumulus situation back home. 

Trump has met with Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss peace and has left with optimism and potential for peace. In a joint press conference Netanyahu expressed hope for change as well.

However, White House Officials are skeptical and cautious. Despite loud calls for peace and expressions of enthusiasm, no plan has been drafted as to how to bring about peace. 

During the press conference Trump said that he “never mentioned” Israel, a comment that sparked speculation that this was a defense about the allegations with Russia. However, Trump had never been accused of mentioning Israel to Russia and it is unclear as to why the US President even said what he had said during the press conference.

While some attribute the outburst to exhaustion, others claim that Trump has just implicated himself in more than previously tough.