Trump’s GOP Health Care Plan May Leave 24 Million Americans Without Care

Republican dominated House of Representatives passed President Trump’s GOP health care plan which stands to disrupt healthcare for 300 million Americans and estimates say that a whopping 24 million Americans will lose care all together. 

On May 4th the House voted to pass the bill- a victory for Trump and House Speaker, Paul Ryan- after a prior rejection in March. The GOP aims to shift the burden of healthcare to the state level and to cap federal Medicaid spending.

The plan will allow insurance companies to charge more by age and pre-existing conditions. Meanwhile the GOP allocates a paltry 8 million dollars over several years to help those who are suffering pre-existing conditions.

Karen Politz of the Kaiser Family Foundation has weighed in on the changes saying that the 8 million will not be nearly enough to cover the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions who are in dire need of healthcare. 

The Bill also imposes more restrictions on Planned Parenthood and abortion- once again endangering millions of American women who rely on the organization for affordable healthcare services. The GOP also seeks to change the premium subsidies offered under Obamacare to tax credits and end Essential Benefits- which puts Americans in danger of having to pay significantly more for inferior coverage. 

While Republicans are celebrating the GOP passage in the House, the bill will likely be significantly altered before, and if, it is passed by Senate.

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been vocal in their opposition to the bill.

Senator Sanders referred to the bill as a “disaster” and called for Americans to rally and communicate with Senate while Warren had expressed that, should the bill pass, it will “devastate” America’s Healthcare.