People Evacuate Tomorrowland Festival After Stage Catches Fire


Over 22,000 people were evacuated from the Tomorrowland UNITE Festival after the stage caught fire reportedly due to a malfunction with the stage fireworks. The festival, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, was immediately evacuated with no reports of injury. 

The organizers of the festival, which was actually taking place in Belgium and being broadcast in Barcelona, have made a public statement expressing relief at the lack of injuries and promising a more detailed investigation with local Spanish authorities. 

Festival goers, who describe a screen exploding just before fires ripped through the stage, credit the event’s evacuation procedures for the lack of injuries. Everyone was encouraged to evacuate walking, not running, and to do so in a calm and orderly fashion.

The evacuation began immediately despite some party goers lingering on their phones to catch pictures and videos of the disaster. The festival staff remained calm and encouraged people to move to safety ensuring a harmless finale to what could have been a deadly event.