NFC East is in trouble this season

The NFC East is in its worst situation I have seen in years. I have been a long-time (4- 5) Philadelphia Eagles Fan when they were the dominant team during the early and mid-2000s. I have never seen the Division this bad going into week 11 of the season. The New York Giants lead the division with a mediocre 5-5 record after shooting themselves in the foot against the New England Patriots. The Redskins are quietly in the hunt sitting there at 4-5. Who knows what is going to happen with them.

And the Dallas Cowboys, after starting the Season 2-0 before Tony Romo went on IR, they looked liked the clear favorites to run away with the division. They have lost 7 straight games since losing Romo in week 2 against the Eagles. The crazy notion that plays in my mind is that I can see the Cowboys still having a shot at taking the division with their 2-7 record. I know it sounds crazy but they are in the weirdest division I have seen since the 2010 Seattle Sea- hawks. The Seahawks won their Division with a 7-9 record and advanced to the NFC Wild Card where they defeated The defend Super Bowl Champions New Orlean Saints. The Seahawks would lose the following week to the Bears.

As far as the 2015 NFC East battle going into week 11, I think that the Eagles are in Trouble as they were last season with Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback. He didn't play well last season and now the ball is in his hands for the Eagles, at least this week anyways. Even before The Eagles blew the game against the Dolphins on Sunday that ended in a 20-19 loss. The Ea- gles have been shaky all season with their remodel under Chip Kelly which has been a disaster so far. I do not see how the Eagles can save their season with the schedule they have coming up.

The Giants have the best looking team sitting atop the division at 5-5 but there is so much about this Giants team that insists they can implode right before our eyes. They do not have that defensive line like they did during their Super Bowl runs. Everyone knows you cannot count on Eli during the regular season (the postseason is a different story). The Giants are going into their by-week so maybe they can figure out a game plan.The Cowboys have a good shot with Romo back this week to make up some ground and if they go on a win streak I wouldn't be surprised if they end up at 7-9. I think this terrible division will come down to who has a 7-9 record. With this atrocious teams battling for wins, I think anything is possible at this point. It has been a strange NFL season going into week 11 and I think it is going to get stranger as the season progresses.