No looking back for Gurley!

Todd Gurley has the chance to become the next great back in the NFL. The St Louis running back will be the next breed of great running backs in an organization that has some quality running backs from the past 16 years. In his rookie season he has rushed for 575 years in 5 games. He is explosive and can run through almost any defender that dares to get into his lane. It wasn't long ago before former Rams running back Steven Jackson set the Rams all time rushing record with 10,138 yards. He is 17th among All-time rushing leaders, which isn't bad for having some injury plagued seasons in his tenure with the Rams. Jackson was drafted and had his season debut in 2004, where he spent his first nine NFL seasons (2004-2012). Its rare for a running back to rush for 10,000 yard mark especially with one team in the NFL nowadays.

Before Steven Jackson was a man that was a catalyst for “the Greatest Show on Turf,” in 1999, for which he debuted with the rams. That man was Marshall Faulk. The most electrifying player in the NFL during that time, along with “Super Freak” Randy Moss. Marshall lead the way for the rams to win Super Bowl 39. Marshall was traded from the Indianapolis Colts for a second and fifth round draft pick that shook the NFL world, because he was worth so much more. The Colts would select Edgerrin James with the 4th over pick in the 1999 draft. But getting back to Marshall, after having no reason to holdout anymore was going to lead the charge. He lead the rams in yards from scrimmage with 11,030 over the 7 seasons he spent with the team. After only playing one game in the 2005 season, he retired. But by that time, Steven Jackson had taken over as the Rams back. Faulk is arguably one of the best ever running backs to ever hit the league especially in route running and catching the football. He had home run speed and could stop on a dime. 

Now looking at the 2015 season (where Gurley has the chance to not only follow the tracks of previous Rams great backs) but also to make a name for himself in a league that doesn't have really any dynamic backs anymore. Adrian Peterson has been the premier back since coming into the League in 2007 and what a year that was. He painted a path of  greatness to come and Gurley has created the opportunity to do the same. Many people, like myself, had doubts about Gurley entering the draft because of a 4 game-suspension and having a torn ACL in college. One quality (that was not in doubt) was his potential to be an elite player. He is on a Rams team that can take the league by storm with a great defense and a quality quarterback in Nick Foles. I think he is surrounded by good coaching with Jeff Fisher in company. Gurley and the Rams have a bright future with the opportunity to make the playoffs since 2004. Ill be rooting for the Rams to make the wildcard.