Tom Brady's strategy of winning is the "furthest thing from anybody's mind."

Tom Brady is like Wine, he just gets better as he ages. I do not think anyone expected the numbers that The Golden Boy is putting up through week 8 of the 2015 season. As if a Superbowl ring wasn't enough to cap off an incredible run for Toms legacy in the 2014 season. He just seems to prove to everyone why he is the best quarterback of all time, Hands down. He is playing with this fire that I have never seen him play with, you can thank Roger Goodell and deflategate for this.

The New England Patriots Offense has scored 249 points through 7 games, just 30 points less than the 2007 Patriots offense which is unheard of because Tom Brady only hasGronk to throw too. I know this has been the story for Brady's whole career besides the 2007 season which I think was greatest team ever even though that team lost the Superbowl to a piece of gum stuck on Eli Manning helmet. Tom is throwing like the MVP that he was in that 2007 season, but this time he is doing it with Gronk and a mediocre receiving core. He is by far the MVP through week 8 and just to think last year through week 4,the media was talking about how Belichick should sit Tom for backup QB Jimmy Garoppollo.