Conor McGregor takes the "quick fade" like a man

Another sports figure crashes and burns after being endorsed by "The Boy" aka Drake aka Champagne Papi aka Six God. The great Conor McGregor lost to Stockton's very own Nate Diaz last night in Vegas further strengthening the rumor that any team Drake endorses or posts a picture with or thirsts after (Serena Williams) loses immediately after.

In Conors cocky, self entitled, arrogant-ass defense, he gained 25 lbs to go up a weight class he knew nothing about. So catching Mr Diaz' fade was more likely to happen than him winning. I mean Diaz is huge compared to McGregor, it's like someone trying to bring down an oak tree by whipping it with a slender but ripped bamboo stick. That's certainly not an excuse since his arrogance was actually what lost him the fight. At one point McGregor put his hands down to bait Diaz into striking. Diaz hit, stunning McGregor and it went down from there for the Irish man. Diaz won by submission and Stockton California has something to celebrate other than the fact it's the meth and trucker prostitue Capitol of the world (allegedly)