The NFL’s Final Four

Contrary to belief, the most exciting weekend in the NFL isn’t Super Bowl Sunday. It’s not even Championship Sunday. It’s Divisional weekend. 

It’s also perhaps the purest of football weekends. Long gone are the pre-season busts, the overrated, and more importantly, the over-televised. Detroit Lions, Bengal tigers, and Chicago Bears – Oh My!! We’ve suffered all season, stuck in our local pubs, forced to watch a fixed DirectTv channel late into the 4th of a thrilling 38-3 contest because the bartender’s either from one of the team’s home towns... or sweating out the 100 bucks he bet on the over at 42. Better throw him 20% on your Coors Light and jalapeño poppers tab. 

THIS is the week - to quote Heisman disappointment and ESU Timberwolves quarterback legend, Joe Kane – “We put the women and children to bed and go looking for f-$*&-ing dinner!” The last eight teams in the barrel, all vying for the chance to compete for either Halas or Hunt’s trophy; the NFC and AFC respectively. 

A weekend where vets flex, football Karma regresses to the mean, and the higher-seeded advantage of home field meets the momentum of a scrappy lower-seed. Or in other words, the Texans at Patriots, Steelers at Chiefs, and Packers at the Cowboys.