Football Karma: Steelers (upset) Kansas City 18-16

Minus the arguable holding call that ‘cost’ the Chiefs an opportunity to tie this game late, the facts are what they are. The score was never as close at the 2-point finale indicated, being that the Steelers offense flirted with the enemy’s Redzone 7 times and only, miraculously, scored a mind boggling 18 points. 

That’s 6 field goals.

 Call it ‘Bend but don’t break’ all you like, but don’t give credit where credit isn’t due. The NFL’s seen and heard from ‘Bend but don’t break’ defenses before. Of the best – and the worst – BBDB defenses, a total of none have ever bent 18 points worth of field goals in a playoff game. Ever. Fact check me on that. 

Better yet, ask Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh’s kicker. Better, better yet... ask his agent. Because he’s the one salivating over the right-legger’s upcoming free agency. Nonetheless, KC had their chance with 2 minutes to play but... as it turns out... tackling a defensive lineman, regardless of the situation, and however Hall of Fame bound the offender, is a penalty. A 10 yard holding penalty that all but put the nails in the coffin for the Undertaker. 

A shocker to no one – except Travis Kelce. Whose rant in the locker room afterword led the league this year in most childish postgame... until you opened your Facebook and caught Antonio Brown breaking every rule you can break before taking off your pads. Live. Silly Millennials and their ‘Me-Topian’ take on life.