Home field ‘advantage’: Packers ride outta Dallas 34-31

In the ‘I Told You So’ game of the weekend, the hottest team in the NFL out 6-shot the steadiest team in the NFC. ‘Trust the process...’ means more than earning an #1 seed. It means protecting it. 

Because though you can beat up on your division, and enjoy the youth of a quarterback and tailback in their first year behind the most heralded offensive line – both in size, stature, and the signatures Jerry Jones stamps on their direct deposit slips – when pack comes to shove, as it did under Jerry World’s 8th wonder of the world television screen, a hot hand can quell a freshman fire. 

We get it. Dak is the dude. 

Zeke runs past D-lineman with more illusiveness than I do the bell-ringing Salvation Army guy asking for change when I’m buying sh#*ter paper at my local CVS. But that Rodgers... “Is a bad man...” There’s something about a guy that says, “Enough.” Neo getting shot at the end of The Matrix. “No.” Tim Tebow after a Gator loss to Ole Miss in 2008. 

“I promise...” And now Aaron Rodgers, 2 months ago, when the cheese was molding at 4-6, “I feel like we can run the table.” Say what you will about Keanu and John 3:16, but Neo mollywhopped the agents coming after Zion, and Timmy took his team to a National Championship in January of 2009. 

When you have that kind of swag, the world is your oyster. Because individuals don’t win Super Bowls. Teams do - People do. “Confidence is a stain they can’t wipe off.” That’s Lil’ Wayne. And if you like that, just wait ‘til Gaga starts belting her halftime show. Probably up 24-10 at the time, Wisconsin will be enjoying the applause, applause, applause...