Wizards top the pacers with strong matchups 111-98

The Pacers played the Wizards this past Thursday leading into the NBA All Star weekend. The Pacers had only a couple less wins than the Wizards, as their overall records didn’t look too different. The Wizards did come out on top over the Pacers in this matchup though.

Outscoring the Pacers in every quarter except the last where they tied, the Pacers had a tough game in front of them the whole time. For the Wizards, John Wall, Markieff Morris, and Otto Porter all had good nights scoring-wise, all scoring above 20 points to aid the Wizards in a nice win.

For Indiana, no one on the team scored above 20 points. The two highest scorers on the team were Paul George scoring 17, and Myles Turner dropping 17 as well. The next highest points scored were 12 points, and then down from there.

For the Wizards, it was a much needed win. Every game like this matters to them, as they look to make a push for a better record.