The five most significant events of the last hundred years are commonly recognized in the following order.  (1) The Allies win the war (2) The Internet (3) Man Walks on the Moon (4) Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor & (5) The discovery of Penicillin.  Well thank God for number 5, because the world now has the 6th –3nder.   Most analogous to Tinder, 3nder is a dating app about people… helping people… find threesomes

Threesomes! That magical experience in life that ranks somewhere between a first kiss and winning an Oscar.  When the perfect storm of alcohol, hormones, and flesh combine in one hot Crock-Pot of sexual gumbo. Men’s magazines have made careers out of publishing articles posing as instructional pamphlets to three-ways.  As if there were some magical 10-step process to seal the deal.   Publishers like to make you think their monthly “How To…” articles actually work, because it keeps their magazines off newsstands and instead circulating atop American singles’ porcelain thrones where they belong. But we all know these articles aren’t a road map to transforming your studio Murphy bed into a Red Light District.   If that were the case, I would’ve spent a lot more of my teenage years learning French than in front of my laptop.  You know what I’m talking about, tube sock.  

Enter the new kid on the block - 3nder.   A dating app standing on the shoulders of giants in its respective industry: Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, Ashley M (pre-hack), and even Grindr.  Specifically designed for users to more freely express their sexuality, the app is here to stay, having been backed last week by an angel investor to the tune of half a million dollars. 

Congratulations to Dimo Trifonov, 3nder’s founder, who finally made a dating app that does it right.  How, you ask?  It’s simple.  The answer lies in the greatest single factor any successful, or conversely, disastrous relationship boils down to – COMMUNICATION.  The best part of 3nder’s app is its straightforwardness.  You know exactly what you’re signing up for.  You know exactly what you’re swiping for.  And you know exactly what you’re (Lord willing) getting.  

So whatever rock the 90’s, mock boy band ‘2ge+her’ has been hiding under for the last 20 years, it’s time to bring back your one-hit wonder, “Calculus.”  Because for the first time, U + ME actually does = US.  And by “US,” we’re talking real, red blooded, Ménage à Trois’ available at your fingertips for males and females everywhere.  Or should I say… FFM’s and MMF’s everyone.