Have you updated your iPhone?

Mid-September Apple released the ever so crisp iOS 9.1 update. iOS simply means Operating System… just as you are quite familiar with the term, iPhone, iOS is the exact, same approach; Hence, iOS (Operating System).

Shall we delve off into a little about the latest update? Ever since the emojis were introduced, initially for the iPhone in Japan, Apple users have been deemed notorious for utilizing them for exaggerative, short-reply lingo. The phenomenon began when iOS 5 was released. Although the emojis have been around for quite some time, Apple created the emoji keyboard to be used as an easily accessible, downloadable tool feature for iPhone users. Beforehand, iPhone users substituted the cactus emoji for the well-anticipated emoji, the middle finger!

Apple has surely pleased a wide-range of iPhone users such as baby mamas, side chicks, and just good ‘ole friends that sometimes get pissed at each other. No need for the demeaning text message paragraphs, simply just one button and on with your day.  Ahh, talk about refreshing satisfaction. Speaking of refreshing, other exciting emojis include the champagne bottle for the club goers, a comet for the dreamers,

A unicorn for mystica

And my absolute favorite, the taco, which I feel was a direct jab at Donald Trump for unnecessarily hating on the best taco makers in America

 Just a little more juice for your cup before I let you go… iOS 9.1 features a few more subtle design updates

1. Replacing the Helvetica Neue system font that was introduced in iOS 7 with a bespoke font called San Francisco giving the iPhone a bit more space in between lettering and spacing. I’m sure you’ve had to backspace to make sure there was for sure a space there.

2. Privileging the fashion-forward nation, the UK, with the News App. The UK drives the world in fashion; why not give them such a feature to read what they steer the world with


3. The new shift key, which capitalizes the entire keyboard when in use, not seeming to be the biggest deal, yet millions of people complained about it. Got to love Apple for keeping it sleek and chic and staying on top of the incremental updates, smoothing out those bugs and glitches.