Russell Simmons "Cash and Burn"

7 days after Def Jam recording artist Justin Bieber released his new single “Sorry", Def Jam Records founder and American business magnate Russell Simmons, can’t seem to get the song out of his head.

At least that’s what it feels like if you’ve been following @unclerush on Twitter lately. That’s right, Simmons took a page out of the Bieb’s playbook, channeling his bread and butter pop star’s lyrics, to “reverse troll” apologies via social media in the wake of the recent RushCard fiasco.

A RushCard is a pre-paid debit card, marketed and backed by Russell Simmons. A computer glitch in the RushCard payment processor resulted in many RushCard owners losing the ability to access personal funds on their cards. And just like when you lose your ‘V’ card, tens of thousands of RushCard members ended up screwed. With their RushCard funds rendered frozen, many customers found themselves unable to pay bills, fill their tanks with gas, and in some cases, put food on the family table. Those with automatic payment set-ups on their RushCard suffered the cost of late fees on top of their bills, and the weight of truant past due dates piling up against their credit. Simmons has since one-upped Bieber’s ‘mad’ contrite beats by forming a multimillion-dollar hedge fund, set up to help repay customers for hardships endured due to the technological gaff. “All who incurred late fees, lost a deposit on an apartment, or any such financial setback as a direct result of the RushCard problems will be compensated.”

 Meanwhile, sources tell us was that Simmons’ statement was actually the second draft of his press release. The first, which apparently was written for him by former artist and resident Def Jam speech writer, Old Dirty Bastard, urged Simmons to go with “Hey – dirty - baby I got your money. Don't you worry, I said hey! Baby I got your money.