Smartwatches and why we just aren’t that into it.

With the look and feel of nothing more than a gimmick, today’s smartwatches just appear to be trying too hard to be relevant, cutting edge, and worst of all: cool.

When it comes to Smartwatches, only a few folks out of the group are completely on board. The reason for the lack of majority support on this particular product is because by the time you pick up the latest piece of wearable tech, it will become obsolete.

A reason that the fad of smartwatches are not taking on, is because there are plenty of perfectly good analog watches still available. For those who trust the watch they have been wearing for years and years, one will need to see a pretty powerful reason as to why they should part with their trusty wrist companion just for one that can display Facebook updates or display news headlines. If one still possesses the ability to reach into their pocket to retrieve their smartphone while also wearing an analog watch, then isn’t the same effect being reached anyway? With the exception of being able to count someone’s heartrate at any given point, a smartwatch is no more than a means to a shortcut to looking at what notifications have popped up on your phones screen since you’ve last peeked at it.

One also cannot pass a smartwatch down as an heirloom. I know that in my own family as well as many others across the world, the passing of a well-made wristwatch is a rite of passage. Generation after generation, the very same watch has been worn and passed down to the next family member as a symbol. Would a smartwatch be able to endure the test of time longer than 3 years? 10 years? 50 years? No matter how many batteries are replaced inside of it, the smartwatch will become obsolete in less than a year and be replaced by a new model that would allow for faster email checking or some other silly reason to replace the current model.

The classic and exclusively time-telling analog watch however, with routine maintenance, will never need to be brought to the Apple Genius Bar to update to the most recent version, and will almost always mean more sentimentally to the wearer than a smartwatch ever could.

With the right color and wristband, a smartwatch can look beautiful and cutting edge, but in the end, it will always be just another fad that distracts from the beautiful and original timepieces that we have already had for years and years.