Social Media is the new Napster

When I found out that Facebook owned the information of it's users a few years back, I vowed to stay the fuck away from social media. A few years later and I am so dependent on social media that it's almost sickening in some ways. I catch my friends and myself so plugged into the phone matrix at times that we forget to converse with one another. It's a little sad, but at the same time my team and I are also reaching a vast array of people all around the world that would be virtually impossible without social media. We are a group of artists with a higher purpose of helping others and expressing ourselves through different artistic mediums. Utilizing social media to connect others together has become a passion for us. I am an individual who stands behind freedom of speech, the power of the people, and uniting others. 

Whether or not they were correct or not, seeing Anonymous hackers releasing the name of the police officer allegedly believed to have shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown is quite inspiring. To see that despite the obvious misuse of today's media manipulating the masses, getting information to the people is still possible through these relatively new social media platforms. I personally do not support individuals who lack talent, social skills, and charisma becoming social media 'stars'. I do however support people teaming up across the world to strengthen the voice of the people. I am tired of seeing the government abusing it's power when we are supposed to live in a democracy where the people have the power. It's nice to see people standing up and demanding their voice to be heard. When you are only one speaking alone, it is much more difficult to get your voice heard.  With the collective reach of social media outlets, it has now become much more possible for people to be heard by the masses. Although, the majority of the social media population may squander the immense possibilities of social media, I see how many others are utilizing it to help, inspire and unite others. 

We now live in a time where social media has almost completely taken over everything. Just as Napster changed our society through music, social media is now changing the way our society markets and even communicates with one another. Companies all across the board from Target to Converse are heavily investing in social media campaigns, because printing paper ads are becoming an ancient relic of the past. I've been watching social media slowly become a personal credentials prerequisite for many jobs and castings. Those who do not adapt to this changing world, will be left behind. Those who learn to capitalize on the possibilities of social media will be one step ahead of a changing world.