Sprint shuts down Clear internet services

Important Message: Effective Friday, November 6, 2015, all CLEAR and Clearwire services and devices have been permanetly cancelled and are no longer operating as of 12:01am

For anyone who has used their services, I know this hurts tremendously. The cool, UNLIMITED 4G internet will no longer be with us. Clear was bought out by Sprint a little over a year ago. Now they have decided to shutdown operations to expand on Sprint's new internet products.

If you would like to continue your services with Sprint, they offer a new 4G LTE mobile hotspot (not unlimited) that provides up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices for connectivity, including most laptops, tablets, netbooks, portable gaming systems, MP3 players and many cameras.

 Here are some alternative providers to compare cost and speed. For more accurate pricing packages, check the availability based on your current zipcode.

Time Warner

AT&T U-Verse