Mercedes’ Newest Luxury Sport: The 2017 Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes unveiled a show-stopper at the 86th Annual Geneva International Motor Show, where some of the world’s most luxurious cars make their debut. On the night before the main event Mercedes released their 2017 C-Class Cabriolet to the floor of the convention. Mercedes’ latest luxury car, is built for the sport-minded while at the same time fulfilling the Mercedes standard of luxury. The car will come in two variants, The Mercedes-AMG C43, and the C300, both of which will be available in either rear wheel or all-wheel drive.

The C300 is promised to have 241 hp with an inline-4 engine. The top speed of the C300 is expected to be 130 mph, and can reach 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds. Meanwhile AMG C43 is expected to come with 362 hp, powered by a V-6 engine, and can reach a higher top speed of 155 mph. Both cars will promise a smooth ride, like all other previous iterations of Mercedes’ Cabriolet line.

Both versions of the car are built with comfort in mind. Whether the top is up or down, the newest Cabriolet will respond in kind with advanced climate control. Part of this advanced climate control system is Mercedes’ trademark Airscarf feature, which blows air, hot or cold, down the neck of both driver and passenger. The top can be removed while driving under 30 mph, making this a true modern convertible.

Mercedes may have created a sporty car, but they have not sacrificed excitement for the state of luxury. While this is a soft top convertible, it has been designed to ensure a quiet ride. As is becoming the trend with most luxury cars, the new Cabriolet will come standard with LED headlights. The seats will be made of a heat-reflective material in order to keep them from overheating in the sun. When the top is down, there is an option to keep out excess wind with front and rear wind blocks, promising all the joys of convertible driving without all the discomforts.

While no official release date or pricing has been announced, you can expect to see the C-300 and the C43 sometime this summer.