New Tesla 3 May Challenge American Dependence on Oil

Electric cars are rising in popularity and accommodation; gasoline may soon be a thing of the past.  Tesla is getting ready to release its model 3, and people are lining up- and putting down deposits- for a chance at the new electric vehicle.

The new Tesla Model 3 is equipped with every amenity of a luxury vehicle, and promises a charge of at least 200 miles. Selling in the range from 35k to $45k the model 3 promises the same luxury benefits as the Tesla S but will be smaller than its predecessor. The Tesla also comes with the option of “vegan” interiors, which has appealed to the environmentally conscious buyer and animal lovers alike.

According to Forbes, Tesla may soon join the top five, if not the top three best selling cars, and may even threaten top selling Toyota and Honda models. Since the company began taking orders in March 2016, an estimated 198,000 people have put down a 1,000 deposit in hopes of securing the electric vehicle. With oil prices unstable and a shifting popular focus towards environmental concerns, electric cars have gone from sparse to trendy.

Electric cars have come a long way, and are continuing to improve in design and efficacy. While initially skeptical, the general population has embraced electric cars, especially as the vehicles became more popular and more Supercharger stations appeared throughout the country. All current Tesla models are upgraded to provide drivers with the nearest supercharger stations, which are soon due to show up in other places in the world, including Mexico, and Ireland.

The government has also endorsed electric cars in the past with tax credits, though that may soon change as the cars are becoming too popular to need endorsement. With continued improvement in quality and affordability, electric vehicles will begin to out-compete their gasoline guzzling counterparts, improving air quality and decreasing dependence on oil for transportation.

Tesla is currently accepting deposits for the model 3 which is currently priced at approximately 35k before tax breaks making it one of the more affordable electric cars on the market. While the design is still being tweaked, the car promises a sleek, appealing design and drag efficiency.