Take your face to new levels on new live filtering app MSQRD

If you’ve ever wondered what you might look like with Leonardo DiCaprio’s face, the new app MSQRD might peak your interest. Released to the iTunes app store in December, the latest novelty app has gathered quite a bit of buzz in recent months. Featured on Jimmy Kimmel live, and on the red carpet of the Oscars by Vanity Fair, it is apparent that the app has become something of a popular phenomenon.  

MSQRD uses a complex combination of face detection and tracking, facial expression recognition, and 3-D graphic effects to make your face look uncannily like someone else’s. It is essentially the snapchat facial effects feature made with greater detail. The digital masks track the motion of your face, and reacts accordingly.

On March 1st there also was an update that included a face swap feature, and added even more outrageous facial effects. The available filters range from Leonardo DiCaprio to a Rastafarian version of Snoop Dog. There is even a filter store, where designers from all over the world can create and post their own visual effects. With regular updates, and an ever growing amount of facial effects to choose from the app is sure to stay relevant for quite some time.

The app is free on the iTunes store.