Amazon Beating Out Major Retailers

We all know Amazon is a huge powerhouse when it comes to, well, everything. It has taken over online shopping, netting more than 100 billion dollars a year. From clothing, the tech, to even now grocery stores, Amazon is eliminating many major retailers.

Fashion on Amazon has been booming, beating some of its competitors by double and triple their net sales. Amazon Prime has attracted many customers, especially when it comes to clothing. In fact, many customers claim to only shop on Amazon as opposed to other retailers because they get 2 day shipping with their Prime account.

Amazon 20% increase each year.

Amazon 20% increase each year.

Does this mean that if other marketplaces and retailers were to offer the same service that Amazon might lose some customers?

Probably not, unless it was a place like eBay or something similar to it. Customers like having the option to choose different brands and have the different prices right in front of them. Take this into account with the fact that Amazon is now working on opening up a “smart grocery store” to make grocery shopping more simple and convenient, going in-and-out easier than ever, and you have them taking over nearly every market globally. Amazon is soon going to be the place to buy everything (as if it already isn’t.)