5 great reason to use your Linkedin daily

Linkedin is a popular networking website that allows you to stay connected with professionals all over the globe. It is an excellent social platform to create links in your domain. With its features such as references, individual profile, company description and detailed account of professional history, one can benefit along the career path. 

Let us look at the reasons to log into your profile and use it daily: 

1. To read top news stories of various sectors on the homepage - this gives latest information about topics of your interest.

2. To keep your profile updated with regular visits and description of new projects - this is a good way to keep an updated resume.

3. To build a network of professionals similar to your profile from other companies - by this approach, you can keep your options open for a change.

4. To be visible in your industry to obtain newer opportunities - this helps during time of hiring, when a company has exciting, new project.

5. To know about the development of people in your circle - information about your peers and colleagues can add to your database to know about latest opportunities.