Martin Shkreli Suspended from Twitter

Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli was recently suspended from Twitter for allegedly harassing Lauren Duca, a freelance reporter. The interaction began when Duca tweeted a message from Shkreli asking Duca to accompany him as a plus one to the inauguration. Duca’s caption to the photo highlighted her answer: “I would rather eat my own organs.” 

This spurred Shkreli to alter his own Twitter profile to convey mock adoration of Duca. Shkreli changed his profile picture to a photoshopped picture of the two sitting together on a couch and updated his background to a collage of similarly doctored photos.

He also changed his bio to say he “has a small crush on @laurenduca” and claimed to have bought the domain name “” Shkreli’s followers joined in on the prank, egging him on.

Duca did not appear to respond to the advances other than tweeting a photo of the profile to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Shortly after, Shrekli’s twitter profile was suspended. Twitter’s guidelines “prohibit targeted harassment” and they promise to “take action on accounts violating those policies.” 

Shkreli has voiced his disagreement with the suspension, stating that he did not feel his actions were harassment. Shkreli is best known for increasing the price of an HIV drug from $13.50 to $750.00 a pill, causing fury amongst users and non-users alike. Evidently, Shkreli has not decided to change his ways and continues to infuriate America.