Yes, Verizon finally has an unlimited plan

Verizon finally did it; they gave their customers an option for an unlimited data plan. But is this data plan the best choice to choose from? Many of Verizon’s competitors have the same deal, and some for a lower price. So the real question in, is Verizon the best unlimited data plan to choose from?

Verizon’s price per line starts off at $80 per month for the unlimited data plan, then working its way to $140 for two, $160 for three, $180 for four, and $200 for five. If you are someone who tends to use a lot of data every month, there is a good chance this plan line will save you money. However, one of Verizon’s main competition may offer a better deal to its customers.

Sprint currently has a great unlimited data plan, starting at $50 a month for a single line. The price of a second line is currently $90 total. However, here’s where the crazy part comes in. Sprint is running a promotion where third, fourth, and fifth lines are free. This means an unlimited data plan for five lines from Sprint will cost you $110 less than Verizon per month.

So it’s up to you. Do you go with the more expensive Verizon option, seeing that they finally gave us that unlimited data plan, or do you switch to a cheaper alternative?