Google Home to Hit the UK


Google has set an April 6th release date for the UK version of its Google Home and Google Wifi devices. The devices made their stateside debut last November, and Google Home has been playing Christina to the Amazon Echo’s Britney ever since (note to reader: feel free to switch that metaphor around based on your musical / tech preferences). Google Home is an always-on voice assistant for your home, with dozens of tie-ins to other smart home products including Nest, WeMo, IFTTT, and Chromecast.  

Although it’s easier to make purchases (intentionally, or otherwise) using the Echo, Google Home integrates seamlessly with all of your Google Apps, allows you to easily share data back-and-forth with your Android devices, and, according to reviewers, has superior voice recognition capabilities.

Google Wifi is a home access point that aims to eliminate dead-zones in your house by using multiple Wifi points to create a mesh network. No more having to hover around the router to stream your videos, or manually switch to an extended network.  According to Google, each device covers up to 1,500 square feet, assuming you don’t live in a fortified bunker.  

MSRP for each device is £129, which is a bit higher than what they are going for in the U.S.  But before you jam your suitcase full of them and head to the International Departures gate, Google has stated that not all features will work if you were to take one from the U.S. and attempt to use it in the U.K.  On top of that you will void your warranty – and Google will know.  They know everything.