Is Apple Testing Autonomous Driving?


The secret’s out! Apple is officially testing autonomous driving, proven by a small but growing number of test-SUV sightings in Silicon Valley just weeks after Apple received the DMV’s green-light to test. 

FutureCar explains that the SUV appears to harbor Velodyne's top-line HDL-64E 64-channel LiDAR sensor on its roof along with a series of cameras. This LiDar sensor is capable of sensing 2.2 million data points per second with a range of 120 meters.

Considering such heated driverless-vehicle scandal breaking out between monoliths Uber and Google’s Vaymo, it’s no surprise Apple’s been keeping its head down about its plans. With the DMV involved; however, Apple will no longer have the luxury of secrecy. Participating in California’s Autonomous Vehicle Testing Program requires companies to file ongoing publicly accessible reports concerning their tests.

So Apple is testing a self-driving Apple car? 


ctually, no. Though Apple has been working on driverless technology for years now, the production of a self-driving Apple-branded car proved infeasible at this time. So Apple shifted its efforts to an autonomous driving software platform that could be licensed out to car manufacturers.

A survey proctored by the World Economic Forum in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group reveals that over 55% of global consumers are likely to try a driverless car, with developing markets such as India, China and the UAE 70% likely. In light of this eagerness to consume the burgeoning technology, companies are racing to be the first to fill the void, snag the eager market and boast premiere status.